Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Plethora of Amazing Free Things to Do In Bali!

Here’s a plethora of free things to do and enjoy in Bali, Indonesia, if you’d rather not go bankrupt while! Here’s how we think – why shell precious dollars for over-priced tourist experiences, when you can enjoy the real essence of any destination for free? So grab those bags, and enjoy the best vacation at Bali, mostly for free!

 Desa Belok – The Sea of Gold!

The Balinese associate marigolds with Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the Supreme Balinese God. Along the roadside between Bedugal and Kintamani, you’ll find the perfect selfie spot - a veritable sea of gold marigolds as far as the eye can see.

Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Forceful Indian Ocean waves come crashing against rock cliffs at Nosa Dua, only to be squeezed through a narrow rock channel. The result? The most spectacular waterblow you’ve ever seen. Top in your things to do in Bali list!

Lotus Lagoon at Candidasa

Lotus Lagoon is an enormous lake chock-full of pink and fuchsia-colored lotuses that surround a statue-filled garden island in the middle. Amazing spot for selfies!

The Broken Sea – Pasih Uwug

At Pasih Uwug in Nusa Penida, the sea is broken by a natural rock cliff arch that was once a cave. The cave’s floor has collapsed, so now the ocean waters create a beautiful natural pool perfect for a cool swim.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a deep, crystalline infinity pool at Nusa Penida, lined with soft moss at the bottom. The light strikes emerald sparks off the water; top place for a relaxing swim.

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is more than a surfers’ paradise. There’s a mystical, otherworldly cave underneath the rock cliffs here, that leads to the beach near Uluwatu Sea Temple.

 Crystal Bay

At Nusa Penida, you’ll find a lovely crystal bay, comprised of a white sand beach and stunningly clear waters. It’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Divers come here to spot the spectacular, giant oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola), between June and October.

Tegal Wangi Beach Jacuzzi

At Tegal Wangi Beach, the shore has several holes that constantly swirl with sea water, empty and then fill up again. Nature’s perfect jacuzzi!

Kelan Beach’s Flying Sunset

Kelan Beach is located next to the Ngurah Rai international airport’s runway. It’s the perfect spot to grab pictures of airplanes flying against the setting sun. If you get the angle right, it’ll even look like a dark UFO against brilliant oranges and pinks.

Aling-Aling Waterfall

The 35-metre tall Aling-Aling Waterfalls in Sambangan are split at the top of the rock, giving you not one, but twin waterfalls to enjoy. The waterfalls flow at different speeds, creating a safe and natural water slide with no jutting rocks. So get to the top, and slide down the world’s top water slide, totally free of cost.

 Campuhan Ridge Walk

Hold hands with your partner and walk along the Campuhan Ridge, through rice fields, past Balinese villas and quaint Indonesian huts. Start your walk early in the morning in the company of colorful butterflies along the 3 kilometers stroll. Stop at Karsa Kafe for some lovely coffee and buns.

Kuta And Pandawa's Abandoned Planes

How would you like to discover an old Boeing 737 that seems to have landed or crashed in the middle of homes in Kuta?  Oh and there’s another plane near Pandawa beach in South Kuta. These planes are totally abandoned; you can walk along a jet plane’s wings, explore the insides and open the exit door without fear of an air stewardess screaming at you.

The Giant Banyan Tree

There’s a giant, simply giant banyan wishing tree in the village of Gesing in northern Bali that’s over 700 years old. It’s 85-metres tall and has an incredibly-complex maze of roots that you can climb and do the Tarzan thing if you like. Locals used to hide up in these trees during the Dutch occupation, even though they believe that spirits reside in banyan trees.

 Beach of Boulders

Yeh Leh Beach doesn’t have your typical sandy shores; rather, the beach is littered with thousands of boulders along the shore. Many boulders are covered in colorful algae. No one knows how these boulders came to rest here. The boulders look amazing at sunset with the setting rays lighting them up.

 Vintage Car Paradise

Get to Kuta to admire a range of vintage cars and scooters from Plymouth Deluxe 1951, Classic VW Kombi Vans, Australian 1961 Ek Holden to vintage Vespas and more. Kuta has several clubs that actually deal in vintage vehicles, if you’re looking to buy!

Turtle Centre On Serangan Island

Head to The Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC) with your kids to watch baby turtles hatch, to hold and feed young turtles and play with older ones.

There’s more free fun to enjoy in Bali – you just have to look, that’s all. Once you start looking for free and fun things to do, a magical door to free paradise opens in front of you. And then you’ll stop hounding paid attractions. 

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