Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Plethora of Amazing Free Things to Do In Bali!

Here’s a plethora of free things to do and enjoy in Bali, Indonesia, if you’d rather not go bankrupt while! Here’s how we think – why shell precious dollars for over-priced tourist experiences, when you can enjoy the real essence of any destination for free? So grab those bags, and enjoy the best vacation at Bali, mostly for free!

 Desa Belok – The Sea of Gold!

The Balinese associate marigolds with Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the Supreme Balinese God. Along the roadside between Bedugal and Kintamani, you’ll find the perfect selfie spot - a veritable sea of gold marigolds as far as the eye can see.

Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Forceful Indian Ocean waves come crashing against rock cliffs at Nosa Dua, only to be squeezed through a narrow rock channel. The result? The most spectacular waterblow you’ve ever seen. Top in your things to do in Bali list!

Lotus Lagoon at Candidasa

Lotus Lagoon is an enormous lake chock-full of pink and fuchsia-colored lotuses that surround a statue-filled garden island in the middle. Amazing spot for selfies!

The Broken Sea – Pasih Uwug

At Pasih Uwug in Nusa Penida, the sea is broken by a natural rock cliff arch that was once a cave. The cave’s floor has collapsed, so now the ocean waters create a beautiful natural pool perfect for a cool swim.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a deep, crystalline infinity pool at Nusa Penida, lined with soft moss at the bottom. The light strikes emerald sparks off the water; top place for a relaxing swim.

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is more than a surfers’ paradise. There’s a mystical, otherworldly cave underneath the rock cliffs here, that leads to the beach near Uluwatu Sea Temple.

 Crystal Bay

At Nusa Penida, you’ll find a lovely crystal bay, comprised of a white sand beach and stunningly clear waters. It’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Divers come here to spot the spectacular, giant oceanic Sunfish (Mola Mola), between June and October.

Tegal Wangi Beach Jacuzzi

At Tegal Wangi Beach, the shore has several holes that constantly swirl with sea water, empty and then fill up again. Nature’s perfect jacuzzi!

Kelan Beach’s Flying Sunset

Kelan Beach is located next to the Ngurah Rai international airport’s runway. It’s the perfect spot to grab pictures of airplanes flying against the setting sun. If you get the angle right, it’ll even look like a dark UFO against brilliant oranges and pinks.

Aling-Aling Waterfall

The 35-metre tall Aling-Aling Waterfalls in Sambangan are split at the top of the rock, giving you not one, but twin waterfalls to enjoy. The waterfalls flow at different speeds, creating a safe and natural water slide with no jutting rocks. So get to the top, and slide down the world’s top water slide, totally free of cost.

 Campuhan Ridge Walk

Hold hands with your partner and walk along the Campuhan Ridge, through rice fields, past Balinese villas and quaint Indonesian huts. Start your walk early in the morning in the company of colorful butterflies along the 3 kilometers stroll. Stop at Karsa Kafe for some lovely coffee and buns.

Kuta And Pandawa's Abandoned Planes

How would you like to discover an old Boeing 737 that seems to have landed or crashed in the middle of homes in Kuta?  Oh and there’s another plane near Pandawa beach in South Kuta. These planes are totally abandoned; you can walk along a jet plane’s wings, explore the insides and open the exit door without fear of an air stewardess screaming at you.

The Giant Banyan Tree

There’s a giant, simply giant banyan wishing tree in the village of Gesing in northern Bali that’s over 700 years old. It’s 85-metres tall and has an incredibly-complex maze of roots that you can climb and do the Tarzan thing if you like. Locals used to hide up in these trees during the Dutch occupation, even though they believe that spirits reside in banyan trees.

 Beach of Boulders

Yeh Leh Beach doesn’t have your typical sandy shores; rather, the beach is littered with thousands of boulders along the shore. Many boulders are covered in colorful algae. No one knows how these boulders came to rest here. The boulders look amazing at sunset with the setting rays lighting them up.

 Vintage Car Paradise

Get to Kuta to admire a range of vintage cars and scooters from Plymouth Deluxe 1951, Classic VW Kombi Vans, Australian 1961 Ek Holden to vintage Vespas and more. Kuta has several clubs that actually deal in vintage vehicles, if you’re looking to buy!

Turtle Centre On Serangan Island

Head to The Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC) with your kids to watch baby turtles hatch, to hold and feed young turtles and play with older ones.

There’s more free fun to enjoy in Bali – you just have to look, that’s all. Once you start looking for free and fun things to do, a magical door to free paradise opens in front of you. And then you’ll stop hounding paid attractions. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Travel the World 'Visa Free' with UAE Passport

It is the dream of travel enthusiasts to travel around the world. Travelling is not just about seeing new places but it is also about learning new cultures and meeting different people. While the prospect of travelling to new places is exciting, there are several things one has to consider. The first thing is definitely money. Travelling requires money in your bank for your flight tickets and stay. Apart from this, there is also the need to have a visa to visit a particular country. While you may have the money to travel, it is not really that easy to acquire a visa. Even a small mistake in your visa application can cause you to be rejected. This is why most people look for countries where they can travel without a visa.

Who can Acquire a UAE Passport?

Most countries have at least a certain number of states where they can travel without a visa. If you are a UAE passport holder, you can travel to 81 countries without a visa. Yes, you have heard it right! However, not everyone can have a UAE passport. Only Emiratis have the legal right to acquire a UAE visa. On the other hand, an Arab from Oman, Bahrain or Qatar who has lived in UAE for more than 30 years can also get a UAE visa. However, any other foreigner who has lived for several years or even born in this country is not entitled to a UAE passport. In other words, if you have a UAE passport, it is most likely because you are an Emirati.

Where can you Travel with a UAE Passport?

If you are a UAE passport holder, you are lucky enough to travel 81 countries in the world without the hassle of getting a visa. All you have to do is book your tickets, pack your bags and fly to the country of your choice. Here, we will take a look at the countries that you are free to visit without a passport.

GCC Countries

UAE or United Arab Emirates is a part of GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council countries along with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. So, if you have a UAE passport, you are free to travel to one of these countries anytime you want. These countries can serve as the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family. Apart from being a tourist in these countries, you are also free to work at one of them without the need of a visa. Likewise, citizen of these countries can also visit UAE without a visa.

North America

North America with its varied geographical locations and lifestyle has always attracted people all around the world. While USA, Canada, Mexico and Cuba do require UAE passport holders to have a visa before arriving in the country, there are other countries in the North American continent where you can go without a visa. These places include Dominican Republic, Dominica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua.


European countries are a dream destination for many with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and delicious food. So, if you are a UAE passport holder, it is good news for those who want to travel to Europe, at least a part of it. UAE citizens do not require a visa to travel to 26 Schengen countries, some of which include France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, etc. While you need to have a visa if you want to visit United Kingdom and Russia, countries like Bulgaria, Monaco, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, etc. offers visa on arrival to people with a UAE passport.


Visiting Asia would be a unique experience for the people from the Middle East who are only used to arid deserts. Asia is filled with countries that are filled with natural beauty, rich forests and a culture that is totally different from that of UAE. So, if you are keen on visiting Asia, you can travel to South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia without getting a visa. Moreover, countries like Cambodia, Iran, Bangladesh and Maldives would welcome you with visa on arrival. For countries like Sri Lanka, India and Turkey, you only need an electronic visa.


Africa, with its rich natural reserves and ancient history, attract millions of people from across the world. People who have a UAE passport can visit Morocco, Botswana, Egypt, Tunisia and Gambia without a visa. Countries like Zimbawe, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda offer visa on arrival to citizens of UAE. If you are planning to visit Kenya, all you have to do is get an eVisa to the country.

South America

South America is popular for its huge mountains, splendid beaches, gorgeous islands and rich rainforests. Those of you who wish to visit this part of the world and have a UAE passport can visit Ecuador and Colombia without visa, while you will receive a visa on arrival when you enter Bolivia. However, for all other South American countries, you need to apply for a visa before you leave UAE.


Although Oceania lies a little apart from the rest of the world, it is no less fascinating. On the other hand, you would find some amazing and spell-binding places in this part of the world. Citizens of UAE can visit New Zealand, Vanuatu, Haiti and Fiji without getting a visa first. However, if Australia is your choice of destination, you definitely need to get a visa before making your travel plans.
It is possible that visa rules for UAE passport holders change from time to time. Hence, it is always better to check with the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are planning to travel to before you book your tickets. This would ensure that you have a safe and hassle-free journey.

With so many countries open for your exploration, you must not waste any more time. Pick a destination that excites you the most, and take the advantage of being a UAE passport holder and create amazing travel memories.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Extreme Adventures in Dubai

Most people enjoy travelling. However, every person has different reasons to travel around the world. While some love to know the history of a place, there are others who love to indulge in the luxury of a new place and also those who love to know about a new culture. Apart from these, there are people who are looking for the adrenaline rush that they are missing in their routine lives. They look for places where they can try their hand at adventure and sometimes extreme adventure sports too. If you are such a person who loves adventure, Dubai is a place where you can try some extreme adventures.

Popular Extreme Adventures in Dubai

Dubai does not do anything half-heartedly. This is the reason why the city is home to several architectural and developmental marvels. Moreover, the city also does not shy away from offering tourists, residents and citizens the opportunity to indulge in adventure sports. So, other than sightseeing and shopping, here are some of the extreme adventure sports you can indulge in when in Dubai.


Skydiving is where you have to jump from a plane, 13,000 feet above earth, and Dubai is one of the most popular places for sky diving. You really do not need any prior training to indulge in this sport as you would be accompanied by a professional during your skydiving experience. However, do listen to and follow the instructions provided to have a safe and exciting experience. The best part of skydiving in Dubai is that you get to work with the best professionals as well as the best equipment. Moreover, you get to have a bird's eye view of Dubai's famous Palm Island as the sky diving location is right next to it. On the other hand, if you are not very sure about skydiving, Dubai also gives you the chance to try your hand at indoor sky diving which gives a similar experience but in a manmade, regulated indoor environment.


If you are not very keen of flying in the air, a water sport may interest you more. Flyboarding is something you must try if you love other water sports like parasailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. Here, the person is attached to a board which is connected to a jet ski with a water pipe which is ten meter long. The board moves along with the jetski and the water pipe executes the water pressure which enables the board to not just run on water but also help you to soar up the air, meters above the water. While you may need a few trials to get it right, once you are an expert, you would be able to jump, flip and try other things while up in the air.

Diving with Sharks

While Dubai offers you the chance to go scuba diving, you can actually dive with sharks in this city, and that too without any training. If you are interested in this, head to Dubai Mall. Yes, you heard it right! The Dubai Mall is home to an aquarium and underwater zoo. The aquarium is where you would find a rich marine life, including around 300 tiger sharks. Moreover, apart from viewing them through the tank, the aquarium offers you the chance to see them closely with their shark dives. Every dive is supervised by an instructor and a dive master who would assist you before and during your dive. Unlike actual scuba diving, you do not need any specific training for shark diving at the aquarium. You can try this even if you cannot swim. They provide you with all the necessary equipment, and all precautions are taken for the safety of the divers. However, only people above the age of 10 can participate in shark diving.

Bungee Jumping

While you may think bungee jumping is similar to sky diving, it is a tad bit different. Bungee jumping is where you are tied with a harness and you jump from a certain level. Here, you do not fly, but float in tandem, and you are mostly alone, right from your first jump. The best place to go bungee jumping in Dubai is Gravity Zone which has become quite popular since its opening. Here, people from the age of 14-50 can indulge in bungee jumping where you can jump from a crane 50 meters above ground. All safety measures are taken care of, so you do not have to worry about your safety. The place also has facilities for partner jumps where you can bungee jump along with your partner.

Dune Bashing

Although many of us may not consider dune bashing as an extreme adventure, it is truly an adrenaline filled experience for those who have never tried any adventure sport. Dune bashing is performed in the deserts of Dubai, in a 4x4 Hummer driven by a licensed, professional driver. You do not have to wear any safety gear except the seat belt. Once you are ready, the driver sets the vehicle in motion and you experience the feeling of climbing up and down steep sand dunes. Usually, dune bashing is part of a desert safari ride and lasts not more than 10-20 minutes.

Deep Water Scuba Diving

If you think that you want the real thing when it comes to diving, you can go for the actual thing, i.e. the deep water scuba diving. The Dubai Gulf is the perfect place to go scuba diving as a rich marine life awaits you underwater. You will get to explore around 65,000 marine habitats and would be able to see sharks, rays and several other exotic fish. Deep water scuba diving can not only be done by professionals but also by beginners. If you are a novice in deep water diving, you would get the appropriate training from certified professionals. You can approach any tour agency or the hotel you are staying at if you are interested in trying scuba diving.

Apart from the above mentioned extreme adventure sports, some of the other activities that Dubai offers include sand-boarding, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, deep water fishing, sea plane riding, snorkeling, etc. Even the water parks in Dubai offer some extreme adventure with their slides and rides, and hence they are worth visiting. Whatever might be your interest when it comes to extreme adventure, Dubai is a city which would definitely satisfy the adventure streak in you.

Monday, 22 August 2016


FAT Biking has quickly grown from being a fringe novelty to a fully fledged facet of any mountain biking expedition. It has been one of the best innovations till date that has shaken up the adventure tourism industry like nothing else. However, Fat bikes, popularly called Fads, have created as many followers as haters. While it’s true that anything with two wheels is exciting on a mountain, Fads are not for everyone. Consequently, it is available only with select manufacturers as a niche product. The big tired beauties already have international recognition and we even have a Global Fat Bike Summit every December!

Fads are argued to be among the first mountain bikes. Earlier called “ballooners”, these bikes had hugely inflated tires that were popular around Mount Tamalpais, Marin during the 1970s. There is however no promising evidence about how these bikes came to be or who conceived the design first. Today, existing bikes are thoroughly modified to support wider wheels and the tire carcasses got trimmed to fit new rims. The rims went up to 80 mm thickness and diameters exceeding four inches. This gave us wheels that could support low pressures, tackle soft sands, deep snow and even soft clay off-roading.
What does a Fat Bike bring about?
So, what could be the reasons that a self respecting cycling should go for a Fat sand Bike experience? Well, there are many to speak about, but mostly, it’s the simple pleasure that comes when you can forget about rolling resistance, weight or Strava time. After the first Fad ride, there are big chances that you will fall in love with these biggies. Here are 10 reasons why the first experience is mandatory:
1.       There’s no end to the season
The best thing about a Fad safari in Dubai is that the season lasts all round the year. Fad bikes are suited for all terrains and weather conditions and let you explore the deserts any time you want to. Fads are really the key if you want your biking season to last longer.
2.       It replaces stress with a lot of fun
Though a lot many lightweight carbon bodies two wheelers are available in the market, fat bikes are mindboggling, even for those standards. These biggies aren’t quite intended to go fast, but the pleasure for sure is among the best experience. Go for the spin, take time to stop and smell the cacti, breathe in the view, gulp down chilled beer and most importantly have fun. Fat bikes have reintroduced the nuances of enjoying every moment of the ride.
3.       Get to places you never thought were accessible
Yes, Fat bikes are meant to take you through the most difficult terrain. In fact, there is no two-wheeled alternative that would suit a safari in Dubai deserts better. Riders have been traversing sandy, rocky and muddy terrains and bringing back tales of epic adventures on a Fad! You should have one too!
4.       Rocks feel easy
Dubai safari is not just about long lengths of sinking loose sand. Rocks too have been a problem for several riders over the years. With suspension equipped bearings, fat bikes will always support a smoother ride on the most undulating rocks. It feels like cheating, but it’s not!
5.       Low environmental impact
Fat bikes have a pressure range between 3 and 5 psi that will leave ‘zero’ trace on the sand. Further, the total exclusion of any fossil fuel contributes to the cause of environmental readiness. If you are planning on a safari in Dubai sands, Fat bikes are the best way to go about it.
6.       Closer connection to the wildlife
Every cyclist understands the meditative effect of a relaxing bike ride. This way, you will notice every ripple in the sand, hear the crunching of sand under the hooves of Arabian Oryx and be able to take deep breaths of the occasional but precious greenery on the way. Fat bike ride allows you the opportunity to get more curious about every small thing that belongs to the Dubai sands.
7.       Completely safe
Compared to motorized ATVs and dune bashing quad bikes, fat sand bikes are the safest way to enjoy the desert. Further, you do no harm to the fragile animals living just below the sand’s surface and get to respect the local ecosystem.
8.       Fun for all
If you are visiting Dubai with your family or friends, a Fat bike would be the best way to explore the dunes in groups. This will be an activity that everyone will be able to enjoy. Also, anyone above 130 cm will be able to comfortably ride a fad bike. So, why not travel together and have the real fun of the terrain.
9.       You achieve humility
Riding a Fad is hard work, but at the same time you learn how life is about in this part of the world. It is the heat that makes the tour exotic. So, opposed to sitting back in your chair in an AC restaurant, try something more apt to the safari.
10.   An excuse to buy a Fad!
If you have ever been tired of paintball, bowling and the mini golf, this is something new to do. The Fat sand bike is a thing exclusively invented for enjoying an outdoor adventure, and is an opportunity to get your team together and have some real fun. The Dubai dunes offer a stunning venue and fads will be a healthy challenge to explore the real beauty of the place. Take back pictures that your social connections will be amazed, curious and jealous about! Have an excuse to have a long lunch under the Ghaf tree forests. Go back to work fitter. Do something that few others are doing! Fat bikes are worth an experience!

Exploring the desert of Dubai by riding a fat bike is not only fun, but you will also be adhering to the environmental policies. What's more, this fun-filled ride can be tried anytime of the year. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Facts about the world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa

Dubai creates an everlasting impression on visitors with its surprising numbers of huge skyscrapers.   One can easily lose the counting if he or she starts enumerating those numbers. The only thing that will stay on his or her mind like a symbol engraved on an object is the awesome Burj Khalifa. This building is the best gift the 21st century has given to the world. It is a fine epitome of arts, engineering, and craftsmanship. 

The majestic building is a  brilliant lesson to learn on the intricate combination of vision and science. One cannot help but be struck by the global standards created in the world of construction. Its height and design have gone down in the record books with several world-firsts to its name. Here are some amazing facts about the world's tallest building – Burj Khalifa.

The credit to build Burj Khalifa goes to the global property developer of Dubai known as “Emaar Properties PJSC.” It was the vision of this company to create the world's tallest building to celebrate  Dubai and call it Burj Dubai. They also wanted the record of the tower's height to remain unbroken for a longer time.  

The construction work started in January 2004 and got over in  2009. The building was declared open on 4 January 2010 and named 'Burj Khalifa' as a reciprocation for generous funding by the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Burj Khalifa stands 828 meters (2,716 ft) tall in height. It is three times more in height compared to the Eiffel Tower, 15 times of the highest point of Niagara Falls and twice as tall as the Empire State Building. Its design is inspired from a tropical and subtropical flower with long petals extending from its center, and developed by a Chicago-based architecture firm called Skidmore Owings & Merill (SOM). The “buttressed core” structural system is developed and implemented by SOM to support the height of the structure.

The construction work of the building was carried out by Samsung Engineering and Construction, a South Korean company. 55,000 tons of steel rod with ridges, 110,000 tones of concrete, and 22 million man-hours were used for the reinforced concrete work. The total construction cost of this beautiful and delicate building was $1.5 billion. 

Besides holding a record for its height, Burj Khalifa has other world records to its repertoire as well. It is the only tallest free-standing building with the highest number of stories in the world (200 stories out of which 160 stories are livable), has the highest occupied floor, highest observational desk  (124th floor), tallest service elevator, and elevator with the longest travel distance.

The exterior of the building is created using 26,000 glass panels that were cut individually by 300 Chinese cladding experts to enable the building to resist summer heat.

The daily water consumption of the building is 250,000 gallons, whereas  electricity use is equivalent to 360,000 bulbs of 100-watt all burning together.

To tackle emergency situation and save time from running down from the tallest storey, the building is equipped with a novel elevator system to aid in controlled evacuations.

One can see the tip of the building from a distance of 95 kilometers. From the observational deck, which is on 124th floor, the city can be seen as far as 80 km on a clear day.

To award the cleaning contract for the reflective windows, a competition was held that was participated by reputed cleaning companies in the world, but won by an Australian company, Cox Gomyl. To clean the reflective windows, 12 machines weighing 13 tons each was used on the tracks outside the building that were  operated by 36 cleaners.

This amazing tower has 304 hotels and 1,100 one to three-bedroom apartments with 2957 parking spaces. It houses the second highest swimming pool on the 76th floor. The gross floor area, minus the connecting buildings and adjacent buildings, is 309,473m2. 

Recently, Burj Khalifa has added one more attraction to its feather in the form of a spiral flight that connects 124th and 125th floors.  Visitors can now see the entire city from the 125th floor walking on the spiral staircase from 124th floor. The 36-step spiral staircase is 100 meters in length and is adorned with a beautiful crystal LED chandelier. The huge staircase can accommodate over 150 people at a time. 

Along with these facts about Burj Khalifa, you must also know when to visit the impressive buildings. The visitors' timing is from morning 10 to evening 10 from Sunday to Wednesday. The timing extends to midnight from Thursday to Saturday. 

So don't miss visiting this amazing tower if you are in Dubai. It has become a global address that no one can fail to reach. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

10 top beaches in Dubai that you must visit once in your lifetime

Nothing beats the stress than the sight of a clear blue ocean with the freedom to roll and run like a child on the beach, splash water with your feet like an insane, and get drenched in the nature's bounty. If you want to feel and grab such heartwarming situations, then Dubai is where you should dash to. The beaches here are immaculate, unspoiled, crowded, as well as isolated. Check out these top 10 top beaches in Dubai to visit once in your lifetime.

Jumeirah Beach Park

This is the busiest beach of all and perfect for those who do not mind enjoying amidst crowd. A grove of palm trees with a wide lush green garden makes the beach more attractive and calming. The grass and the shades of the palm trees offer nice comfort after running on the beach, swimming through the waves, and enjoying sun tanning. You can also enjoy lunch under the open sky on the beach with a barbecue. Sadly, the beach is closed to the public due to the water canal project and will open by the end of 2016.

Kite Beach

Amassed with shining white sands and clean water, the Kite Beach buzzes with lots of water sports activities. You can go swimming, windsurfing, play beach volleyball, have a sun bath, and do all the  craziest things within the boundary of laws here.  For all the kite lovers, this beach is a heaven. In fact, the beach got its name because of the numbers of the kite surfers thronging this place.

Umm Suqeim Beach

This beach is perfect for families who want to teach their children windsurfing as it is not crowded like other beaches. It is also called the Sunset Beach because it offers an ideal spot to view the setting sun. A park across the beach at a walking distance also makes the beach more suitable as a family spot because of the play area for the children. But the best thing about the beach is a chance to see and take a selfie with the Burj Al Arab.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

If you are looking for a clean beach with safe water for swimming and snorkeling, then you must visit this beach. It has been awarded with Blue Flag certification as safe for swimmers and snorkelers. Moreover, you get to visit five different beaches at the coast that sprawl to 5 km. The beach is ideal for a stroll as the sand is supple and white. The trees and green area near the beach is a perfect hangout for families and enjoying a barbecue. It is exclusively open for women and children on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Jebel Ali Beach

If sightseeing and beach enjoyment are on the top of your mind, then head to Jebel Ali Beach. Being at a distance away from the city, it is best for waters sports. It is usually hoarded with kite surfers. The Jebal Ali Beach Resort adjoining the beach is best of indulgence in food and massage. If you want to stay overnight at the beach, then take a camping permit from Dubai Municipality.

Ghantoot Beach

If spending for facilities does not worry you, then head to this private beach. You can access the beach in AED 100. The money spent will allow you to enjoy the pool, bars, cafes, and your favorite sports. The beach is managed by Golden Tulip Hotel that offers  equipment for water-skiing, wake boarding, and banana boating. The beach also has several volleyball nets. If access to just a day is not enough for you, you can rent a room at the hotel for an overnight stay.

Russian Beach

This beach has probably got its name due to its popularity among the people who came here for a job from Eastern Europe. It is also known as the JBR Open Beach. It has a 1.8 km long track for cycling, running, and walking with  your spouse and baby. The facilities at the beach also include children's play area, public utilities, lifeguards, and a cafeteria. Further, the beach road has lots of restaurants and cafes ready for your refreshments.

Black Palace Beach

If you want to see an unspoiled beach, then head to Al Sufoush Road to experience a beach in its rawness. You can take an SUV on the beach as long as you don't get stuck between the shrubs. Go there with chairs, towels, swimming gears, and everything you need to spend time on the beach as there is nothing available within a walking distance. This lack of facilities has made it  ideal for snapping photographs, sunbathing, and enjoying in solitude.  Besides, the beach offers a panoramic view of Palm Jumeriah.

Mercato Beach

This beach looks more like a lake as it is very short. The development activities going near the beach have compromised its length. However, it is best for a group that wants to enjoy with friends and doesn't get lost in the crowd. The beach has net-less goal posts for soccer enthusiasts. You can have the view of Burj Khalifa from here.

Madinat Jumeriah

Overlooking at the majestic Arabian Gulf and bathing in the view of the architectural miracle, Burj Al Arab is a dream sequence for any vacationer. Stay at the Al Qasr Hotel as it owns a beautiful 2 km beach from where you can see your imagination coming true. Enjoy the poolside barbecue with beverage, music and stunning views. Day passes for outsiders are also offered by the hotel, in case you don't want to stay at the hotel.

Whether you want to enjoy with a small group of friends, or your family, these 10 top beaches in Dubai are must visit. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

How to Dress in Dubai

Holidays are happy occasions where you get the opportunity to explore new places, learn a new culture, try out different varieties of food and meet new people. Packing for your holiday is as important as booking your tickets and making hotel reservations. Most of us pack clothes as per the climate of the place we are going to. If you are holidaying in a cold place, you would pack warm clothes, sweaters and jackets, while you would pack cotton clothes, shorts and t-shirts if you are holidaying in a place that has a warm climate. However, sometimes, the attire you wear during your holidays does not rely on the climate, rather on the culture of the place you are visiting. This rule applies to Dubai or rather UAE (United Arab Emirates).
Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most modern cities in the Arab world. The huge skyscrapers, the large malls, the chic restaurants, the luxurious hotels, etc. are the symbols of the growth and development of the city. Moreover, people from all over the world reside in this beautiful city. While Dubai looks like an ultra-modern city, it is still rooted to its religion and traditions. In short, Dubai is a Muslim country. While you do not have to wear a hijab or an abaya if you are a non-Muslim, it would be best to be slightly conservative while dressing up. Here are some points that will help you to know how to dress in Dubai.

For Women

There are several rules that women have to follow when it comes to dress code in Dubai. These should be followed when in public places like roads, malls, theatres, markets, public areas of hotels, etc. Take a look at a few of them:
·         Western clothing of jeans, capris, pants with tops and blouses are allowed. However, refrain from wearing too revealing clothes.
·         Your arms, legs and cleavage should always be covered.
·         Do not wear clothes like tube tops, Daisy Duke Shorts, crop tops, mesh tops, miniskirts, etc. Refrain from wearing transparent dresses.
·         In case you wear tube tops or spaghetti tops, it would be a good idea to cover yourself with a Pashmina shawl, cardigan or jacket.
·         If you are wearing a short skirt or dress, it would be best to cover your legs with leggings. However, leggings should not be worn just with a top.
·         Make sure that your undergarments are not visible through your clothing. This can cause you lot of trouble.
·         If you are visiting a mosque in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you would be required to wear an abaya, which would be provided at the mosque.
·         You may be asked to wear an abaya while entering government and municipality buildings and sometimes hospitals too.
·         In case you are working out in a gym or exercising in the open, do not wear too revealing clothes. Make sure your shoulders and legs (at least till the knees) are covered.
·         Women can wear bikini on the beach or the pool area of the hotel. However, you should never go to public areas like shops and malls wearing beach wear. Restrict beach wear to the beach itself.
·         Your bikini should not be too revealing. Do not wear thongs. A one piece bikini or shorts and t-shirt are ideal for beach wear.
·         You are free to wear whatever you want in pubs and discos. However, you need to cover up properly while travelling from your home or hotel room to the disco. So, do not forget to carry a shawl or jacket.

For Men

Here are the rules that men should follow in terms of dresscode in Dubai. These should also be followed in public places.
·         Men should not wear shorts that are too short. Do not come out of your home or hotel room in trunks or boxer shorts.
·         If you wear shorts, make sure that they cover your knees.
·         While the temperature of Dubai can soar as high as 40 degrees Celsius, in no way can you walk bare-chested in public. Wearing only vests is also not allowed.
·         You can wear your trunks and shorts on the beach or near the pool area. However, do not wear these clothes in the public area. Carry something to wear over your beach wear while travelling from your hotel room to the beach or pool side and back.
·         If you are visiting a mosque, you may be asked to wear a kandourah over your clothes. Even if you do not have to wear this attire, you would not be allowed inside the mosque if you are wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.
·         Several restaurants, pubs and discos require men to wear long trousers and covered shoes. Check the dress code of the venue before going for a party or dinner.

Dealing with Criticism

You must remember that Dubai follows Islamic law and as a tourist or an expat, you need to respect the laws of the country or city you are visiting or staying in. While going against the dress code of Dubai may not have legal consequences, it can bring in criticisms from locals. In case someone criticizes you for your clothes, do not shout or retaliate. It is best to apologize and change your clothes or maybe do some immediate modifications like wrapping a shawl or wearing a jacket. In case you retaliate, the police may get involved, causing you to pay a fine or get imprisoned too. One important thing you need to remember is that wearing bikini or beach wear anywhere else other than the beach or pool side is illegal and can have grievous consequences.
Dubai is quite open-minded when it comes to dress code in comparison to other Arab countries. Hence, while you enjoy the luxuries and modernity of Dubai, remember that you need to respect their culture and tradition. This will also ensure that you have a great and incident-free holiday.