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FAT Biking has quickly grown from being a fringe novelty to a fully fledged facet of any mountain biking expedition. It has been one of the best innovations till date that has shaken up the adventure tourism industry like nothing else. However, Fat bikes, popularly called Fads, have created as many followers as haters. While it’s true that anything with two wheels is exciting on a mountain, Fads are not for everyone. Consequently, it is available only with select manufacturers as a niche product. The big tired beauties already have international recognition and we even have a Global Fat Bike Summit every December!

Fads are argued to be among the first mountain bikes. Earlier called “ballooners”, these bikes had hugely inflated tires that were popular around Mount Tamalpais, Marin during the 1970s. There is however no promising evidence about how these bikes came to be or who conceived the design first. Today, existing bikes are thoroughly modified to support wider wheels and the tire carcasses got trimmed to fit new rims. The rims went up to 80 mm thickness and diameters exceeding four inches. This gave us wheels that could support low pressures, tackle soft sands, deep snow and even soft clay off-roading.
What does a Fat Bike bring about?
So, what could be the reasons that a self respecting cycling should go for a Fat sand Bike experience? Well, there are many to speak about, but mostly, it’s the simple pleasure that comes when you can forget about rolling resistance, weight or Strava time. After the first Fad ride, there are big chances that you will fall in love with these biggies. Here are 10 reasons why the first experience is mandatory:
1.       There’s no end to the season
The best thing about a Fad safari in Dubai is that the season lasts all round the year. Fad bikes are suited for all terrains and weather conditions and let you explore the deserts any time you want to. Fads are really the key if you want your biking season to last longer.
2.       It replaces stress with a lot of fun
Though a lot many lightweight carbon bodies two wheelers are available in the market, fat bikes are mindboggling, even for those standards. These biggies aren’t quite intended to go fast, but the pleasure for sure is among the best experience. Go for the spin, take time to stop and smell the cacti, breathe in the view, gulp down chilled beer and most importantly have fun. Fat bikes have reintroduced the nuances of enjoying every moment of the ride.
3.       Get to places you never thought were accessible
Yes, Fat bikes are meant to take you through the most difficult terrain. In fact, there is no two-wheeled alternative that would suit a safari in Dubai deserts better. Riders have been traversing sandy, rocky and muddy terrains and bringing back tales of epic adventures on a Fad! You should have one too!
4.       Rocks feel easy
Dubai safari is not just about long lengths of sinking loose sand. Rocks too have been a problem for several riders over the years. With suspension equipped bearings, fat bikes will always support a smoother ride on the most undulating rocks. It feels like cheating, but it’s not!
5.       Low environmental impact
Fat bikes have a pressure range between 3 and 5 psi that will leave ‘zero’ trace on the sand. Further, the total exclusion of any fossil fuel contributes to the cause of environmental readiness. If you are planning on a safari in Dubai sands, Fat bikes are the best way to go about it.
6.       Closer connection to the wildlife
Every cyclist understands the meditative effect of a relaxing bike ride. This way, you will notice every ripple in the sand, hear the crunching of sand under the hooves of Arabian Oryx and be able to take deep breaths of the occasional but precious greenery on the way. Fat bike ride allows you the opportunity to get more curious about every small thing that belongs to the Dubai sands.
7.       Completely safe
Compared to motorized ATVs and dune bashing quad bikes, fat sand bikes are the safest way to enjoy the desert. Further, you do no harm to the fragile animals living just below the sand’s surface and get to respect the local ecosystem.
8.       Fun for all
If you are visiting Dubai with your family or friends, a Fat bike would be the best way to explore the dunes in groups. This will be an activity that everyone will be able to enjoy. Also, anyone above 130 cm will be able to comfortably ride a fad bike. So, why not travel together and have the real fun of the terrain.
9.       You achieve humility
Riding a Fad is hard work, but at the same time you learn how life is about in this part of the world. It is the heat that makes the tour exotic. So, opposed to sitting back in your chair in an AC restaurant, try something more apt to the safari.
10.   An excuse to buy a Fad!
If you have ever been tired of paintball, bowling and the mini golf, this is something new to do. The Fat sand bike is a thing exclusively invented for enjoying an outdoor adventure, and is an opportunity to get your team together and have some real fun. The Dubai dunes offer a stunning venue and fads will be a healthy challenge to explore the real beauty of the place. Take back pictures that your social connections will be amazed, curious and jealous about! Have an excuse to have a long lunch under the Ghaf tree forests. Go back to work fitter. Do something that few others are doing! Fat bikes are worth an experience!

Exploring the desert of Dubai by riding a fat bike is not only fun, but you will also be adhering to the environmental policies. What's more, this fun-filled ride can be tried anytime of the year. 

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