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Extreme Adventures in Dubai

Most people enjoy travelling. However, every person has different reasons to travel around the world. While some love to know the history of a place, there are others who love to indulge in the luxury of a new place and also those who love to know about a new culture. Apart from these, there are people who are looking for the adrenaline rush that they are missing in their routine lives. They look for places where they can try their hand at adventure and sometimes extreme adventure sports too. If you are such a person who loves adventure, Dubai is a place where you can try some extreme adventures.

Popular Extreme Adventures in Dubai

Dubai does not do anything half-heartedly. This is the reason why the city is home to several architectural and developmental marvels. Moreover, the city also does not shy away from offering tourists, residents and citizens the opportunity to indulge in adventure sports. So, other than sightseeing and shopping, here are some of the extreme adventure sports you can indulge in when in Dubai.


Skydiving is where you have to jump from a plane, 13,000 feet above earth, and Dubai is one of the most popular places for sky diving. You really do not need any prior training to indulge in this sport as you would be accompanied by a professional during your skydiving experience. However, do listen to and follow the instructions provided to have a safe and exciting experience. The best part of skydiving in Dubai is that you get to work with the best professionals as well as the best equipment. Moreover, you get to have a bird's eye view of Dubai's famous Palm Island as the sky diving location is right next to it. On the other hand, if you are not very sure about skydiving, Dubai also gives you the chance to try your hand at indoor sky diving which gives a similar experience but in a manmade, regulated indoor environment.


If you are not very keen of flying in the air, a water sport may interest you more. Flyboarding is something you must try if you love other water sports like parasailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. Here, the person is attached to a board which is connected to a jet ski with a water pipe which is ten meter long. The board moves along with the jetski and the water pipe executes the water pressure which enables the board to not just run on water but also help you to soar up the air, meters above the water. While you may need a few trials to get it right, once you are an expert, you would be able to jump, flip and try other things while up in the air.

Diving with Sharks

While Dubai offers you the chance to go scuba diving, you can actually dive with sharks in this city, and that too without any training. If you are interested in this, head to Dubai Mall. Yes, you heard it right! The Dubai Mall is home to an aquarium and underwater zoo. The aquarium is where you would find a rich marine life, including around 300 tiger sharks. Moreover, apart from viewing them through the tank, the aquarium offers you the chance to see them closely with their shark dives. Every dive is supervised by an instructor and a dive master who would assist you before and during your dive. Unlike actual scuba diving, you do not need any specific training for shark diving at the aquarium. You can try this even if you cannot swim. They provide you with all the necessary equipment, and all precautions are taken for the safety of the divers. However, only people above the age of 10 can participate in shark diving.

Bungee Jumping

While you may think bungee jumping is similar to sky diving, it is a tad bit different. Bungee jumping is where you are tied with a harness and you jump from a certain level. Here, you do not fly, but float in tandem, and you are mostly alone, right from your first jump. The best place to go bungee jumping in Dubai is Gravity Zone which has become quite popular since its opening. Here, people from the age of 14-50 can indulge in bungee jumping where you can jump from a crane 50 meters above ground. All safety measures are taken care of, so you do not have to worry about your safety. The place also has facilities for partner jumps where you can bungee jump along with your partner.

Dune Bashing

Although many of us may not consider dune bashing as an extreme adventure, it is truly an adrenaline filled experience for those who have never tried any adventure sport. Dune bashing is performed in the deserts of Dubai, in a 4x4 Hummer driven by a licensed, professional driver. You do not have to wear any safety gear except the seat belt. Once you are ready, the driver sets the vehicle in motion and you experience the feeling of climbing up and down steep sand dunes. Usually, dune bashing is part of a desert safari ride and lasts not more than 10-20 minutes.

Deep Water Scuba Diving

If you think that you want the real thing when it comes to diving, you can go for the actual thing, i.e. the deep water scuba diving. The Dubai Gulf is the perfect place to go scuba diving as a rich marine life awaits you underwater. You will get to explore around 65,000 marine habitats and would be able to see sharks, rays and several other exotic fish. Deep water scuba diving can not only be done by professionals but also by beginners. If you are a novice in deep water diving, you would get the appropriate training from certified professionals. You can approach any tour agency or the hotel you are staying at if you are interested in trying scuba diving.

Apart from the above mentioned extreme adventure sports, some of the other activities that Dubai offers include sand-boarding, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, deep water fishing, sea plane riding, snorkeling, etc. Even the water parks in Dubai offer some extreme adventure with their slides and rides, and hence they are worth visiting. Whatever might be your interest when it comes to extreme adventure, Dubai is a city which would definitely satisfy the adventure streak in you.

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